Sunday, 8 January 2017

It's Getting Hot in Here: Part 2

Nelly off of rap music totally could have been talking about the new Wood Burner we got installed one balmy summer's day! In fact it was one of the hottest days of that summer!  Timing has never been my strong suit, the time I painted window frames on the coldest day of the year is a story for another time. 

This project was wholly the husband's domain ... he umm-ed and ahhed-ed for about two years before he finally picked the stove that is now happily sat in the living room.  

Didn't he do well though, it's so pretty!  Yes, I could have cleaned it before taking this picture but then how realistic would that be?  Answer: Not very #inreallife #no filters!  It's always covered in ash dust as I'm a slovenly house keeper.

hygge wood burning stove
Hygge: Our wood burner, the best thing in the world on a cold day!

To get our Hygge on at the best possible price, we shopped around a lot and got a fantastic deal for our efforts, to sweeten the pot we also found a couple of great local businesses which is always a bonus!

If you are local to Berkshire, UK, this company here supplied and fitted the stove, their fixed pricing structure was no muss, no fuss and great value for money, and the hearths where supplied and fitted by this company here.

So you want one of these for yourself?  Here's the approximate breakdown of costs: 
Pevex Bohemia X40 cube: £575
Installation fee: £999
Supply & install of hearth Slate (3 cut & bevelled slabs): £355
TOTAL: £1,929


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Master Bedroom Chronicles: Part 2

I started to tell you about the master bedroom way back when, that post is here, where we'd got to the stage of having the room ready to paint.  That post was dull, but let me tell you, it got way duller!  It is the most annoying thing in the world that before the furniture and fabric fun, you first have to endure the 'soul sucking tedious seventh circle' type DIY that has you crying into your copy of Elle Decoration!  And for me, it was not just one room that was this bad, it was the entire house!  We painted the room at the end of 2013, it's taken me this long to face writing about it!

After the fun and games of filling the gaps and nail holes we had yet more tedious but necessary jobs to undertake.   Like this one below, adding knot solution to each and every knot in the pitch pine boards, as you can see there were gazillions.  A small bottle of this stuff sets you back a tenner and there was loads left so luckily it's no biggie on the cost front.    

Knot Funny!
Next up was chucking a few gallons of white paint on the walls, first a few watered down coats, this uncovers any splashes of PVA glue, that needs to be scraped off and patched up with filler (we've since found a lazier better way, so keep your eyes peeled for that).  Then we slopped on several more coats of paint.  New plaster is a nightmare and if I remember correctly it it took about 10L to complete the ceiling and walls.  Luckily, bog standard white paint is cheap as chips as we made sure we got them on special.  With the 2 for 1 deal it was only about £25, this sort of made up for the fact that IT TOOK FOREVER!!!  

Now it's starting to look like a room!
Next up was painting the floor, unfortunately we had to as the upstairs floors were beyond leaving them in their natural state.  It was a nightmare trying to find the perfect paint.  Farrow and Ball had some fantastic colours, but you needed to undercoat and then seal, and at £70 a 2.5l tin this would have been cray cray!  Our laziness and reluctance to spend mega bucks won out when we happened upon Ronseal Diamond Hard floor paint in our local HomeBase, firstly, it guaranteed no faffing (no priming and no sealing), plus it only came in 4 colours so it took all the hmmm-ing and argh-ing out of it, the options were white or grey, and we went with the grey.  Done!  We picked up a 2.5l pot costing £20.50, although we wish we went with the white now, it looks pretty decent, especially as one pot really did cover the entire floor. 

After two coats!
After four coats!
Once the paint was on, it started to look like a room that one would be happy to sleep in!  However yet more tedious fun and games were needed before this could become a reality!      

As you can see from the above, the next job was adding trim, namely skirting and door architrave which was as actually as far as we got!  Adding coving and picture rail is still on the 'to-do' list even to this day!  We mitred the joints and stuck it on with no more nails, it went OK, just don't look too close, we've since learnt to scribe skirting properly, so lets call this room a trail run!

We used a couple of packs of skirting costing £18.42 each, a couple of packs of door architrave was about £20, and did the two windows and the door.  Totalling £56.84, less all the no more nails, actual nails, and caulk to tidy everything up.  I estimate that would add an extra £30.  

Wonky floor means wonky skirting!
Especially this bit!

That's where we can call it a day I think, the project so far comes in at a very sensible £142.34, which is not too shabby at all...more to follow...!

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