Friday, 8 February 2013

Our New Home

Our new house was nearing completion, it was in the area that we wanted, it had a large garden, the indoor space and the bedrooms we needed wanted, it had the all important space to extend into the loft, and it was well under our budget even though we slightly overpaid for the property to be in the area we wanted.  

The downside, was the state of repair, it had sold, and then the buyer pulled out due to the survey results.  At 40 pages long, it did not make happy reading.  We had spotted most of the issues (damp, dodgy electrics, shoddy DIY etc.) when we viewed the property, so we had done some mental calculations on what the initial renovation costs would be to get it to a habitable standard, and how far our savings would take us.  We figured the initial chunk of renovations we could cover no worries.  Plus, score one for us, as the vendors were so jumpy about the survey putting us off, we were given a full structural survey report for free, saving us about £1000.  Which, let's not beat around the bush, we would totally need later for rectifying the 40 pages of terror.  

Undeterred, and flush with the success of getting a great sale price for our flat, that added to our DIY and decor prowess getting us the price we wanted, we were all in for the renovation of our second property.  The fact that we got full asking price even though the estate agents said we would get £5000 less than we did (yep, they definitely got an "I told you so") over inflated my ego, this was not helped by a gazillion hours in front of design blogs, decor magazines and DIY TV, we foolishly thought "yep, a reno project is for us, we can totally do this".  Famous last words...!

The pictures below are from the agent's sales particulars and really do not show the full extent of the horrors that awaited us.  It all looks rather inoffensive and slightly charming, almost on trend 'shabby chic' style.  The husband hated it the first time we saw it, shows how much he knows, as just a few short months later, here we are.  

Kerb appeal?
Quaint living room
Ample sized dining room
Good sized kitchen
Downstairs bathroom - not ideal! 
P.S. The pictures of the bedrooms are notable by their absence, when viewing the master bedroom, it was home not to a bed but to a model railway! Choo choo indeed.

Photos Courtesy of Right Move and Hastings


  1. Model railroad in the Master bedroom. Sounds kinky! I just found your blog on the YHL forums, and I'm glad I did. I am excited to see how you fix this adorable house from the sad condition it is in. Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much...I'm excited too...long road yet, but we almost have the living / dining room put back together again! I can hardly contain my glee as I get to pick paint colours and light fittings etc. very soon! I will share just as soon as I can.


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