Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sold! the housing game, you kiss a few frogs before you find the one, we saw 7 properties in all, and really really loved only one of them.  It was huge, Edwardian, brimming with period features, the only down side for us was the area, it was in between a village and the town, but was not close enough to either.  Fate intervened and as we were still waiting for ours to sell when it sold. 

There were another two properties for sale in the area we really wanted to move, in fact they were both on the same road, a bit more in the thick of things. Both houses were less than what you would call 'aesthetically pleasing'.  The one we discounted first was one ugly beast, complete with mock stone cladding (thanks 1980s, that's on you), but cladding removal would add a bucket load of cash if we came to sell, for the cost of some elbow grease and a professional rendering company to come pretty it up once the bricks have been exposed.  We ruled it out as it did not have space to go into the loft to create a master suite we had been mooning over.   The other, well the other was a bit prettier, slightly larger, but in a terrible state of repair, but again while we were waiting for ours to sell, it sold too. 

So our flat went on the market on 18th Feb 2012, and we had a small number of viewings, but no real interest.  As explained before, the sole agency agreement was not working for us initially, so once the contractual tie in was up we went with several other local agencies varying in price from 1% of the sold value to the most expensive, a fixed fee of £2500.  

Then hallelujah, after an eternity (well 3 months) on the market we sold for £1000 under the asking price, with one of the more expensive estate agents.  As we had accepted the offer on our flat we promptly made an offer on our future home which was accepted, so sold and purchased all in one day...done and dusted.  

Or so we we started to chase for firm dates of exchange and then completion to keep the rest of the chain happy, our buyers seemed to go very quiet.  Lo and behold, they pulled out just as we were nearing the contract exchange date, they kept us hanging for just over a month.  I saw on the TV the other day, that 1 in 3 sales fall through, which we can testify too, as the property we bought, had also previously sold and fallen through as well.

We were extremely lucky, all of the vendors in our chain agreed to give us 2 weeks to sell again, it served them well, as we managed it in just under 4...we were thrilled as this time we sold for the asking price, with the cheapest agency, they were the ones we had the sole agency with, so they really came through for us in the end.    

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