Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Cost of Moving Home

Once all is said and done, moving house can be a very expensive endeavour.  Here is the costs of our move, it is amazing what you don't factor in and then you figure out that some things cost more than you thought, so if this assists anyone else budget for this undertaking, then marvellous.  

We tried to be as thrifty as possible, DIYing our move where we could, but the costs soon add up even if you take this approach.  

The first expenditure would usually be made to your mortgage company of choice.  We paid the following, although, I am sure other lenders would charge less, and just as many would charge infinitely more: 
£99 Arrangement Fee 
£290 Survey Fee 

Now lets consider solicitors fees, we chose a company that we had used before when we purchased our first flat, they had been recommended to us by a colleague all those years ago.  They have very reasonable fixed rates based on the purchase and sale prices of the property, and are one of the cheapest options for conveyancing in our local area.  I would recommend them,  even though I had to chase them a couple of times to get things moving, I think this is the same with expensive conveyancing firms as well, so no harm no foul.  Their business website is here

We paid the following for all services related to the sale and purchase of the properties:
£50 - Deposit
£123 - Local Search Fee
£280 - Land Registry Fee
£436 - Fees Sale
£488 - Fees Purchase

Stamp duty will be charged at 1% of the purchase price if below £250,000, and then 3% if over £250,000.  

You will need to find the bones for a house survey, where a full survey will cost you around £1000, and the basic survey will set you back around £300.  We managed to score ours for free which was awesome, read about that here.  

Estate agents fees are paid directly to the solicitor, and we got a great deal, as explained here for only 1.5% of the sale price, not sure if you could get less, but many certainly charge a much higher fee. 

Get as many boxes as you can for free from your local supermarket, which we did, but we needed to top this up with a cheap Internet package deal so we had enough for all of our bits and bobs, plus don't forget rolls of bubble and shrink wrap to protect your valuables.  All in all I estimate we spent £80.  

Once all your valubles are packed, you need to move them to your new address.  
£65 - Van Hire
£50 - Parking ticket, well you do a daft thing like forget to put in your permit, you pay the price - Boo! 

Takeaway for the helpers you enlist to move your stuff £50 - well it is a darn site cheaper than a removals company.  Although depending on the size of your house you may need more than one brother-in-law at a loose end, so increase your food bribe budget accordingly.  

Moving is an expensive business, do you have any tips to share to keep the costs down?

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