Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bye Bye Strange Tiny Wall!

So we had a weird half wall, which separated the sitting and dining room, as originally, they had been two separate rooms.  

So we were going to leave it as is, as I had some ideas to put a drop dish there for keys and the like for when we come in.  Although in reality, from the time we moved in, it was always covered in crap, phone chargers, newspapers, letters, and other general detritus you seem to accumulate when you are a grown up.  So it constantly was a mess, except at Christmas, when we haphazardly put Christmas crap on it, and it still looked rubbish.  
My favourite use for the half wall was to display a collection of random stuff the dog brought in from outside to chew, leaves, rocks, render, bits of plaster, bits of brick, plastic etc.  I wish I had a picture as it was awesome.  My mother tried to throw it away, and I was all 'leave that!', and she was all 'Why are you keeping lumps of mud and leaves?', and we were all, 'cos it's funny!', and the she was all 'you two are idiots....', and we couldn't really argue with that as it was true.  

So, when we started to get the inside of the house ready for the damp proofing firm to come in and get us watertight, the first thing we did was remove the skirting baseboards to get at the plaster.  So, much to our confusion the half wall was not brick, but had been built in cinder block, so we do what we always do, made a hasty decision, and within 20 seconds we had the sledgehammer ready to go.  This was the first proper indoor demolition we had done so the husband, went at it it with wild abandon! 

And we are now left with a room that looks so much bigger.  Success!  We are actually so close to having this space habitable again, after it has been in a disaster zone since the end of January, that we are totally over excited about being able to finally paint it and move out of the pack rat squat bedroom where we have been living since the end of January.

Ah! Much better!
P.S. As a note to anyone who knows my husband and I personally, you know that is totally us to keep a collection of rubbish as ornaments as we are weirdos, however, if anyone knows my Mother personally, you will know I am paraphrasing BIG TIME as she really called us '*%$@*&@ %£@ar$*'.

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