Thursday, 6 June 2013

Take a Peek into Our Daily Lives...

Just to change it up a bit, thought I would share some random conversations that have occurred in the last 10 minutes, post the husband rocking up from work, while waiting for the wood burning man to come measure up for the third time (the wood burning saga will be revealed at some stage).  I'm sharing this just so you can get a flavour of what makes us, well us!

Me: We need a nail gun
Matthew: (Blank Stare)
Me: Well not right now, it's for the crown moulding
Matthew: You know what would be easier?  If we didn't put up crown moulding
Me: I know what's easier, when I divorce you and marry someone that will put up crown moulding

....30 seconds later while staring at last years calendar, as we forgot to get a new one this year...

Matthew: It's X and Y's birthday, oh and we have missed your Gradmaaaaaaa (abrupt silence)
Me: You mean my dead Grandma?
Matthew: Yes

Later still...

Matthew: Babe!  Can you come help me?
Me: What's up!
Matthew: The dogs a bit poorly!
Me: Oh, she has been eating grass all day like a goat!
Matthew: Get her wipes
Me: Just stick her bum under the tap...Er! move my toothbrush first though!
Matthew: (To the Dog)  Poor puppy, lets wash your bum bum...go on then have a run about...not on the clean bedding!

And there you have insight into our totally random, rock and roll, awesome lives!

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