Monday, 16 September 2013

Guilty Pleasure, Vintage Treasure!

Disclaimer:  You will notice my pictures are poo, that's because I want the nice pictures to be shown when we have finished rooms, with my bits and bobs in situ looking all awesome...for now I'm keeping it real, this is how they look right now, covered in plaster dust!

I have lots to tell you about where we are today in the house of horrors, things are progressing quite nicely, but it is depressing contemplating how much money we have spent simply making good, so, I am taking a break for a lighter more enjoyable subject.  

It's SHOPPING, with a bit of free booty thrown in!!!!

I have scored some great loot for the house, that I have been squirrelling away for when we had a house that was less Mr Trebus, bless his soul, and more Elle Decoration (well one can dream).

We caught the vintage / antiquing bug back on the August bank holiday 2012, way before we moved into the house, we had our offer accepted, and the solicitors were doing their thing.  We were visiting my Grandparents in the North East of England, and took a lovely day trip to Barnard Castle, which is full of lovely antique shops, we had been before, but had always been too scared to buy anything.  We came home with a very rusty bread bin which I loved (my Grandma thought I was mental), and Matthew picked out an old altimeter from a plane.  The bread bin is below, but the altimeter is somewhere in the loft, but it will make its way into the house sooner or later.

Vintage Bread Bin, Vintage Kitchenalia

My Grandma also gave us a mid-century G-Plan coffee table, which our decor scheme will be based on as I love it so much, three vases; two wooden and one pink, some Christmas mugs and a bloody heavy mirror that she no longer needed.  

Vintage G-Plan Coffee Table, Mid Century Modern Coffee Table,
Coffee table, brother in law & house prior
to starting work
Photo bomb!

My Grandma is awesome by the way, she has made a living from antiques and vintage since before I was born, way before vintage was cool.  She still dabbles today, and has a slight addiction to the most amazing antique china.

So, bug officially caught, we went to our very first antiques fayre on June 24th, if you remember it was the straw that broke the camel's my back, as I was in surgery five days later.  It was held at Newbury racecourse, the details are here, and now that I am less crippled, I hope to go to the next one in October.  I have a mission to accomplish, to get the 'one' that got away...there were these amazeballs old oyster baskets, the hubby was being a spoil sport and not seeing the awesomeness of them...they could be sprayed yellow, or navy, or red, or left au naturelle, they could hold towels in the bathroom, logs on the fireplace, etc., etc., like these here!  Long story short, I am never listening to him again, ever (and he has never accompanied me on a hunting mission since)!

I scored the two larger mirrors for £40 instead of £50 as I bought two, and an additional mirror and an Eames / Eames-esque?!?! mid-century magazine rack for £30, instead of £40...If you get things together you can usually do a deal if you're are a little cheeky while still being gracious and polite. 

Vintage Eames, Eames Style Magazine Rack, Eames Style Magazine Rack Mid Century Atomic Magazine Rack
I swear this was not staged, I have a major house
porn addiction
Vintage Mirrors, 60s 70s Vintage Mirrors, Mid Century Mirrors
Mirror, mirror..errr, on the floor!
And that's that, more finds to follow...Make sure you check back soon to see where these pieces find themselves.  Any scores you have made recently free or otherwise?


  1. Fun treasures! My husband just pulled a folding tv tray from the trash. It is sitting on the porch just daring me to do something with it. :)

    1. I only score free stuff from my Grandma, and sometimes the parentals...never found anything as yet just sitting there waiting to be discovered.

  2. So fun to see your finds! I'm intrigued by the altimeter you mentioned - can't wait to see it :)

    1. It'll be making an appearance soon I hope...I want to fashion some kind of housing or stand for it as it tips over a lot as it is round..will have to get my thinking cap on...


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