Friday, 13 September 2013

Plastered, Part Two

So as we left it last time in blogsville, the downstairs was done, and it quickly became our new abode sometime in early June, we moved so we could get ready stripping out the upstairs, lots more plaster dust and mess ensued and it was hideous, the worst job of the whole project so far is the mess and dust from the stripping out 110+ year old horsehair plaster.  Yuck!   

First order of business was sorting out the upstairs bathroom, the ceiling was completely removed as it needed to be insulated, then boarded out, this work commenced while I was in India and Matthew and the dog were still living upstairs.

I wish my husband was this wait
he is!
All removed
The job was finished while I was laid up in bed being generally crippled...Matthew was not too keen on the Celotex as it gave him dermatitis on his hands and it was really messy to saw into shape.

Next, upon investigation, the stud wall between the small bedroom and the landing which was modern plasterboard, which had not been skimmed, or attached correctly, then to add insult to injury they had wall papered straight over the paper covered gypsum, so there was no way of removing the paper ready for plastering so it all had to be removed from both sides...we took the opportunity to remove the lathe that had been hidden by the modern boards, straighten a wonky door liner, and pack in some noggins in the frame as it was all a bit wobbly, finally we attached some switch boxes to both sides ready to be wired in, blogger fail though as forgot to capture this part on camera.  The plasterers then boarded over in record time, and as the wall is now skinnier without the lath, we have gained a tiny bit of space on the landing and in the bedroom, almost an inch either side!  
Ready for the skim of plaster!
Regarding the costings, I already accounted for £200 here when I covered the damp proofing, but they stack up as follows:

Cost of Work

3 x New Lintels £624 
Supplies, plaster board & labour for downstairs £597
Plastering Living / Dining Room (less £200), £720
Insulation and wood for battening out bathroom £155.89
Bathroom plastering £650
Bedrooms boarding out and plastering £1500
Hallway plastering £700
Rubbish removal, approx 3 skips £500

Total: £5446.89

Holy **!@$%&**&^£$!!!  All that money to basically just get a house with walls and ceilings, seems insane!

Here are some of the process and some of the finished walls, they are as smooth as a babies bottom, and now just need some paint....soooooo excited I can hardly wait to move back upstairs and have a bedroom like a normal person.


  1. I so understand how excited you are - you can finally get to the "pretty" phase! It's taken me many months here, but I am about to paint the downstairs and I'm so excited!

    1. Can barely contain myself.....we are however doing some pre winter chores today, no painting this weekend :o(....just cleaned out the guttering...glam or what!?

    2. Oh, and congrats on the none popcorn adorned ceilings...whoop whoop...


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