Wednesday, 11 September 2013


No, not like that right now, although this renovation and all of its issues has required the hubby and I to consume mucho amounts of vino to remain sane.

What I am taking about is that we have hit quite a few milestones recently, one of which is the completion of the full re-plaster of the main part of the house.  The kitchen area and existing bathroom off the back of the house is another project for another year.  Unsurprisingly, along with everything else it has all been delayed due to my back surgery.  

Let me start off by saying we really landed on our feet with our plasterer John, and his buddy  Steve...he was recommended to us via another of our trades.  He moved all his workload when I had my operation, took on more work as we became unable to do it, worked weekends to get it all done on time, the workmanship was excellent, so all in all awesome.  If you are local to me, then have a look here, he gets my vote definitely, check him out here.  

So totting up the making good and final works to get where we are today, we started in the living and dining room by having new lintels put in each of the chimneys and in the door over the kitchen, this was done way back in early May, this work was done by S.B. Renovations Ltd, based in Reading, I would definitely recommend them too, they were great, worked very tidily, dug out fireplace rubble which was work not quoted for, and took away all the rubble to use on other jobs, so we really couldn't ask for more.

The ceilings needed to boarded out too, most of which was done while I was in India, we had taken them down as we needed to wire up there, they were wood chip covered too (ick!!), and the light fittings were all cock eyed, so down they came, along with a 100+ years of crap, and dust...Awesome!

It turns out, wood chip hides a multitude of sins, and the joists in the ceiling were totally shot, so all had to be packed out to be levelled, before being boarded out, we lost some ceiling height, but it could not be helped...the living room became the money pit...hence why we stayed upstairs for so long.

Finally, the downstairs was all plastered, and once all the above was done, and the floor was mostly rebuilt (more on how to do that coming soon) this is when we stopped squatting in the master bedroom, and started squatting downstairs...and as the pictures I have shared already show, squatting is a polite way to phrase it.

After all of the time lapsed since May when this was done, the final phase got underway, which was the three bedrooms, and then the hallway and landing, this was done over two weeks and they finally finished Tuesday last week.  To get that far took an enormous amount of prep as we can cover this off next time...Laters!


  1. WooHoo! Progess is a wonderful thing! I cannot wait to see the finished rooms.

    1. Me excited..there is still stuff going on upstairs so we can't get in there just yet but not far off.

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