Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Guilty Pleasure, Vintage Treasure!

One of the first things I did once I was feeling better and could walk was to go into Reading to get some bits and bobs that I needed as I had not been out for so long...came home with quite a haul from H&M, Primark, & New Look, but I also stopped in at the British Heart Foundation home store.

Well what a revelation, the store is pretty new to Reading, I have been in one in Bishop Auckland if I remember correctly...In the one in Reading I managed to pick up some great second hand we moved from a one bedroom flat with built in wardrobes, we are missing lots of the basic stuff for the bedrooms, so even when we can move upstairs, it would be pretty sparse and we still would have nowhere for clothes.

Ikea is usually our go-to place for basic furniture, but the wardrobes we were luke warm about was just too pricey for us right now, plus the furniture I really liked was the Edland range in grey, which of course has been discontinued, the Hemnes range which is the closest, just isn't as funky....

So, I wandered in and had a rootle around, and it was like a gold mine of stuff.  Managed o get quite a haul for my first time in there.  I got a side table for the living room, this is circa 70s I think, a wardrobe for the master, and a bedside cabinet for the guest room come office, not sure which era the other bits come from but I would guess somewhere around the 60s-70s.  

Now, here's the disclaimer, the pictures are rubbish, I took them in store to send to the hubster, and you will remember from this post here that I am only going to share great pictures once they have been tarted up and are in situ. And if you are wondering, this little lot set me back just £70, I managed to do a deal as I picked up three items, the price should have been £85.  

Midcentury side table

Vintage bedside cabinet, vintage nightstand

Midcentury vintage wardrobe

So this stuff was bought on the Saturday, and we popped in to collect it all on the Sunday.  While the husband was turning the car around, I stopped into the Duchess of Kent House charity store, almost right next door, it gathers funds for an amazing respite and palliative care centre in the Reading area.  Lo and behold, we picked up a mid-century chair and an old fashioned leather suitcase for £20.  Bargain!

Now, the brain cogs have been spinning as I have some big plans for these pieces.  Lets see where we end up shall we?


  1. That's a great thrifting weekend! That side table is too cool!

    1. Agreed, it's a bit of a pants picture, but has those round spindly legs with brass feet caps, very mid-century. I don't even mind the laminate on top either.


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