Friday, 18 October 2013

What a Catastrophe!

The weekend just gone and this week has been a total DIY washout.  It has more resembled the film outbreak just without the infected monkeys.

Both Matthew and I have been struck down with the lurgy and have been holed up in bed leaking from every facial orifice.  It's not been pretty or fun!  

They say couples should share everything, well I was was unamused when the hubby who came home Friday night from work feeling rubbish and was then sick all weekend & Monday, gave it to me, so by Sunday night I felt like death warmed up and have spent 4 days in bed, today will be the fifth and I still feel like poop.

So, I will definitely need to dose up and get on some jobs this weekend as we need to get the bulk of it done by December 1st so I can get my Christmas tree up...yippee! 


  1. Oh no! What a crappy setback. Wishing you well so you can get back to business!!

  2. I blame the doctors waiting room of an office that I work in for the lurgy!


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