Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Dog Ate my Post!

Well not really, but I certainly felt like I was off to school without doing my homework come Monday when I had no post to share!  I just haven't been able to get my shit together this week to get something written.  I'm a grown up and my own bloggy boss...so I'm not going to sweat it!

I have been a busy bee the last week, we got loads of decorating done, we even committed to a colour, I have been to the gym a couple of times, I have worked a couple of very long days at the day job and have been cooking fresh and healthy food very night.  So I'm taking those wins even though I have no post this week. 

I think the moral of the story, is this is my second job, and to find it fun, I first need to stop calling it a job, as this misses the point of why I started this little venture in the first place, and to stop stressing if life gets in the way!



  1. The important thing is getting the work done in your house. Don't stress about the blog. It should be fun to do, and if it isn't, then don't do it!

    1. I agree, less pressure and stressing is my personal goal!


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