Monday, 1 September 2014

Guilty Pleasure, Vintage Treasure!

Actually, it's vintage, but not so guilty this time around, that's right everything I'm sharing with you was scored FOR FREE!  

Let this post mark the awesomeness that was my very first SKIP DIVE, and holy balls it was amazing!  I've had amazing stuff for nothing before, but it has been given to me by my Mam or my Grandma, this is a whole new exciting prospect.  

The Saturday started out normal enough...we went out for a leisurely stroll round the village roads with the woofers we have nice loop that we take them on which takes us to some of the loveliest roads in the village.  

Then I spotted a skip outside a large 50s house that was up for sale, and I could see a vintage trunk sticking out!  Now, I've been looking for old suitcases and trunks for absolutely ages, there was an amazing steamer at an antiques fayre I went to last year, fate even saw to it that it had my EBM initials painted on it, fate however did not take care of the price, at over £300 I walked away!  But here one was just sitting there!  So we zipped home with the woofers and whizzed round in the car.  

So skip diving has some rules here in the UK, you must ask permission before you take anything, which I did, and the lovely lady at the house invited me to have at it.  Astonishingly she was very apologetic that all I might find was old rubbish, that's Britishness for you, isn't it just so proper!  Here's what we got and it most certainly isn't rubbish!

Here the vintage trunk, very careworn, but I'm sure I can do something with it, I was thinking it could go on top of my wardrobe (which still needs to be up cycled) for extra storage.

Vintage Steamer Trunk found in a skip
I'm in love!
Also nestled in there was an easy chair with distinctly mid-century looking legs and and a missing cushion, I estimate it's late mid-century, possibly 70s...snagged that too!  There is an upholstery course next year in Newbury that I'll take my find to to learn how to properly recover it in something a bit less brown!  I was thinking it could go in the living room under the bay window for some extra seating.  We'll see where it ends up!

Vintage Mid-Century Easy Chair found in a skip
It has potential!
Then I found lots of other bits and bobs that had some potential, an old shopping basket, which I was thinking could be spray painted a bright colour and be used for logs for our wood burner, a tray with pretty copper inlay, an old fruit crate, and finally the demijohn. 

Vintage Decorative and storage items found in a skip
Loads of useful stuff!
Best Saturday morning EVER!  What have you all found for free?!  Let's compare!


  1. Very, very, very cool finds. I had two demijohns that I found in the trash as a child, but they both broke over the years, and I miss them still. I would love to find another. My parents used to refinish old trunks. They would peel the canvas off and polish up the wood underneath. They were so beautiful, but unfortunately they sold them all and did not save a single one for their daughter.

    1. You have managed to find some great stuff, and your upholstery work has been amazeballs! Fate will see to it your demijohns will make their way to you eventually!

      Parents are like that sometimes, why don't they see we must be spoilt rotten at every opportunity? Personally, I have never forgiven my dad for not bidding on a Harry Potter day at his captains day charity auction, it was to go to Shepperton studios to see the filming of the last instalment, I must say I behaved like a spoilt brat and whined the whole evening tna though!

  2. wonderful finds, I got a Hossier (sp?) cabinet that holds our tv, rolling kitchen cart, various bookcases, books that fill them, even clothes, funnily little , petite ladies cycle through their clothes often

    1. Free stuff is awesome right! regretfully, they're all sat in the storage shed, nothing upcycled as! getting Xmas out of the way now, then back into renovation in the new year!


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