Saturday, 20 September 2014

Well That Escalated Quickly!

Today has been weird so far and it's only mid-afternoon.  It has been a slightly fractious morning, there have been short tempers (mine), some bickering (me) and a tape measure thrown out of the upstairs window (also me)...this was the preamble to measuring up lots of things and spending an inordinately large amount of money on my credit card as we have finally pulled the trigger on the remaining made-to-measure blinds for the living room and the upstairs doors and hardware...eek!

This has been in contrast to last Saturday when we had fun times awaiting the arrival of our new washing machine.  Basically, this saga all started mid-week when Matthew surrendered in one of our many battles of will regarding household chores and brought home some washing machine descaling solution.  You see, the washing machine has stunk since day one, and finally after almost two years, Matthew gave in first decided that it must be sorted.  

The door seal was particularly gross, and the mildew was not budging, so I told Matthew to pull it out and soak it.  He had got half of it off, when he realised all too late that the door seal isn't actually meant to come off, and by then it was too late as it most certainly wouldn't go back on.  So that's how we ended up paying £338.99 in stupidity tax!  In fairness it could have been less, but we decided to spend the extra £10 for the delivery guys to take the old one away, and an extra £40 as we decided the washing machine should really match the tumble dryer we had bought last winter.

And, this is how we went from this....

Minging, but perfectly serviceable...

To this...

And this...

 And this, in no time at all!

The normal steps associated with fitting a new washing machine are as follows: 

First task, TURN OFF THE WATER, once bitten twice shy on this one (Many moons ago, Matthew+plumbing=Poseidon Adventure)
Second task, remove the waste and water connections.
Third task, install new washing machine, and turn on water. 

Ah!  This is where it escalated, we did the above, and then some!  We actually stripped and cleaned the waste pipe, and holy shit, it was caked in yuck from where the people we bought the house from had a dishwasher feeding into the washing machine waste!  All I'll say is, thank goodness neither of us were hung over or it would have been curtains!  Then we ripped up the manky flooring that was damp, mouldy and held together by duct tape, the floor was literally peeling off where some idiot had put down levelling compound, very badly I might add and it was peeling off in places, and the rest of it, I spent a good three hours scraping off!  As it was so damp, that led to us ripping out the breakfast bar which we found out was supported by cobwebs and not a lot else and the then we started hacking off plaster just for fun, as we might as well let it dry out a bit...then we had to clean up and then finally we got to installing the washing machine a good 5 hours after it arrived! 

Now we'll have to live with a partially demolished kitchen for another year, but I actually had loads of fun as it's been ages since we demolished anything!  This just sums this house up really, even though we have been at the renovations for almost two years, simple jobs still turn into full on chaos!  

Demolished anything lately?  Bitten off more than you chew?...Join the club, feel free to commiserate / vent / I'm up for what ever!


  1. I have been there, but not recently. This is only because I have not been doing any work on my house recently! Hopefully that will change soon. In the meantime, I will read about your renovations and wish you all the best luck.

    1. Thanks Jessica...ticking off smaller things now going forwards as one job job done is one less to do!


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