Sunday, 15 March 2015

I'm Loving...H&M Home

So it's been a while again, time just seems to fly and get away from me!  Let's go back in time a bit, as for the first time in a long time, I gave the January sales a good going at!!  Possibly because the hubs and I had given up smoking we actually had a teeny tiny bit of disposable income as a result.  

We'd never bought anything from H&M home before, so we thought we'd give it a go and we weren't disappointed with what they had on offer!  There was loads of on-trend goodies we wanted, but we tried not to go too mad, so here's what we scored for the house!

I needed a little something for my dresser to put earrings and cotton wool in, this little trinket box fits the bill perfectly.

H&M Home trinket box
H&M Home Porcelain Trinket Box £5

The copper coloured basket is the perfect size to go by the fire for kindling, we scored a large £4 green basket for logs ages ago from TK Maxx that will be sprayed metallic silver to go with this.

H&M Home Copper Basket
H&M Home Copper Basket £7.99

I fancied a new throw for the bed, as the grey IKEA one we used to have in our room looks better on the guest bed, so this is the replacement. 

H&M Home Knitted Blanket
H&M Home Knitted Blanket £15

Maybe I also got a little something-something for me too...A steal at £15 for the sequined jacket and £10 for the felt and bead necklace.  Now for somewhere to wear said sparkly jacket, hint hint, husband, hint hint!

After all, a girl should treat herself every now and
Any steals or scores you are dying to share? Fancy a brag, join in!


  1. You found some great things! I have been on a shopping hiatus unless you count plants. Then, I cannot get enough!!!! I bought more yesterday, and will write a post about them for Friday.

    1. I should really be on a hiatus too. But never mind! Buying stuff is the bit I was looking forward to after the mammoth renovation. I really need a trip to IKEA but I am resisting for now!


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